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Those types of glasses do not provide adequate protection from sunlight, especially in areas with lots of reflective surfaces (desert, snow) and at high elevations where there's more UV radiation due to the thinner atmosphere above you. What you want are either wrap-around glasses which don't let light in the sides, or particular glasses called "glacier ...


Having various long hiking experience I find the following seems to help reduce blistering: Toe socks .. big help. Stopping and changing socks OFTEN or as soon as tehre is any burn feeling. This is the biggest thing. As soon as you sense friction STOP and deal with it. Let feet cool and dry and change socks at least. Use Band Aid blister pads. ...


In addition to all the excellent advice, I'd like to recommend a few other things that help me. I have a digestive disorder, as well as an inner ear disease which causes the type of vertigo commonly experienced on moving boats. As @jrovermier mentioned, ginger has been medically proven to help nausea, and I rely on it every day. I recommend sipping on tea ...


I practice that: If one on board feels seasickness, (s)he should work with ropes and sails on the deck for some time. Pros: Not concentrate on the problem A lot of fresh air Staying near the center of mass of the boat Facing forward Con: Not universal

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