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I'm Swiss and I've been drinking water from mountain streams all my life, without any altitude restriction, while observing three basic rules. You can drink the water if: the river is small enough to jump across it there is no cattle (alpage) above, where cows, goats and sheep may poo into the water there is no human settlement above Drinking this water ...


How much sea water can I safely drink? = None If you drink sea water, how much fresh water do you need to drink to off set the sea water you drank? = 2.8 units of distilled water per 1 unit of sea water (to neutralize without adding hydration) The "scientific" answer to this question involves a lot of complex math, human physiology and significant ...


There are essentially three categories here: 1) water contaminates made safer by boiling. 2) water contaminates unchanged by boiling. 3) water contaminates made more dangerous by boiling. In case one, boiling works by killing biological organisms, rendering them unable to infect you. In case two, there are toxins that won't be affected by the ...


The answer is yes, potentially some contaminants could become more toxic compounds when subjected to heat. However the chances of you camping in such a location is rather remote, because places that get contaminated thusly are usually off limits.

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