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My experience with hammocks: serveral multi-day bike trips. Downsides: You need trees. Depending on the area this can be a problem. I have found myself looking desperately for trees in Hungary. On the other hand you may find spots to tie your hammock in strange places (abbandoned customs station, bridge) The rain can be an issue, but that what your tarp ...


It is always the hunters responsibility to correctly identify their targets and handle their weapons safely. That said, you can always help them out by making it clear your are a human as others have noted. Bright colours, standing in the open, and human noise are all good. Trying to hide in a bush and trick the hunter with deer calls is a bad idea. It's ...


If you only use PET bottle try to put a neoprene sleeve around them. Neoprene is used to insulate the tubes of the so called "hydration systems", that is those bladders with a tube going from the bladder to your mouth when you want to suck water from it. Neoprene works pretty well both in keeping the heat in winter and the opposite as you need. It doesn't ...


Get the best fit possible. Then go with the soak them and walk them dry method. Wetting the leather softens it and as it drys the leather shrinks to your foot shape. And at the first sign of blisters stand in a stream. Removes heat and lubricates the area.

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