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I recently hiked in the desert in April and drank 8 oz per half hour, which was a pint an hour. That was not enough. I felt like a dried out sponge for a couple days after, and this was only a six hour day hike. I will plan a quart an hour in the future if at all possible, so that means a gallon for every four hours out.


I visit AZ every summer and include some hikes in the desert when I'm there. First, don't just take water. That can lead to electrolyte loss, as actually happened to me the first year I did this. Now I dissolve some gatorade powder in the water, and I haven't had that problem since. I usually mix it 1/2 to 2/3 strength relative to what the directions ...


I face this problem not for hiking, but for portaging. That is a slightly different situation, but not entirely different. We often went as two families: 4 adults and as many as 5 children. Not only could some children not carry anything, some of them had to be carried. Our approach: separate kitchen packs from tent packs. Kitchen packs have food and ...


I make my own laundry soap. I just found out that fels naptha soap found at walmart in the laundry isle is the best to use for the oils left on material items. Try it it works great and i save tons of money. Just grate the soap and mix with borax and washing powder. If you like you can also put in crystals. I use purex. 2 tsp in the wash cycle and WOW!

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