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If your reason for not wanting camo is that you want to be obvious (maybe to other hunters so you don't get shot) then you can always flash a backpack with reflective material, or use a hi vis pack cover such as those recommended for cyclists. Home-modding a rucksack to incorporate the barrel ties and stock pocket probably wouldn't take you too long if you ...


I've found some! I've searched a little bit and stumbled over a few. For example the "Halti Kauris": One is even able to remove the "rifle holder" and use it as a completely common backpack. Or the "Wisport Forester": Also I came across these beauties: But as wonderful as they are, they are expensive and the backpacks quite small.


In the woods, there are many small items that con fall from above that are more or less awkward to have on your head. This goes from leaves and needles on the "not very harmful" side over water droplets (during or after the rain) to ugly things like bird poop. One characteristic that makes a hat as depicted in your question preferable over other headdresses ...

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