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Unless you sever the spinal column near the top of the body there is no body injury that can be done with a knife that is going to result in instant death/disablement of any animal. Any injury that does not completely disable the animals neurological system is going to be dependent on the animal bleeding to the point that they become unconscious. Even if ...


Occasionally our cat brings in a half-dead (instead of completely dead) kitten rabbit. I could leave the cat to maul or eat the rabbit to death (the natural way), but instead I speed up the process by flattening its head with a brick. I feel cruel and awful, but then sometimes nature seems crueler still.


Put a strong magnet on top of a shell and turn it upside down. If the magnet sticks then you know it contains steel shot. If it doesn't, then you could have either lead or "non-toxic" shot. If you paid less than $10 for the box, and/or the box doesn't make a big deal of stating that it's non-toxic, then the shells almost certainly contain lead shot. If ...


I read how Eskimos would approach a polar bear and while the team of sled dogs kept it a bit distracted he would circle the bear until the sun is just at the right place so it shines in the bears eyes, you have to strike right at that exact moment and get past bruins paws. I would not stake my life on it if I were you just from what I've said though. And the ...

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