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Chances are you'll be doing a lot more tracking. Blunt tips are for very small game, intended to knock they prey out cold or cause death by blunt trauma. Hunting tips are intended to increase depth of penetration as well as doing continuous damage to the vital organs once full penetration has occurred. Hunting tips will almost always penetrate deeper than ...


Other than the stated back to nature (if you can count it as that as most hunters use compounds) it is generally considered both quiter and cheaper. It is a lot cheaper to buy a bow and arrows than a silenced rifle. Especially as, if you are lucky, you can reuse arrows. It is down to preference however, as to what a person wishes to use.


The outcome in the use of the set up you speak of, will also greatly depend on the size of the game you are considering hunting. On small game a field tip will penetrate, and in most instances, pin the game to the ground unless shooting at extreme angles. While this would work to harvest a smaller animal, I would definitely not recommend it on any size game. ...

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