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You never want to stop yourself with the crampons because they are liable to catch, flip you over, and at best, put you in a worse situation than before, and at worst, break your legs. Instead you want to first stop yourself using the pick of the ice axe, with your crampons raised above the ice. You can use your knees as an additional brake. The way you do ...


Although @ReverendGonzo gave a nice answer I want to start a little debate. There is no explicit answer to this question. Different alpine clubs have different opinions and even different mountain guides in one organization. That being said, I think the process described by @ReverendGonzo (which I will call default process) is very common and also the ...


These letters stand for Basic and Technical The real differences are: B's are lighter, relatively cheap and not recommended for technical climbing. They are considered general mountaineering axes. T axes are heavier and much stronger. They will cope with technical climbs and be much more durable. Aside from that, they look similar and the same styles ...


A very important difference is that you should only belay from a 'T' rated axe.

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