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It depends. Mix climbing on granite in Norway with Ice climbing occasionally. That means you have mostly rock while on the mixed climb? If this is the case I would advise to get a mixed blade. What are drawbacks of using Ice blade instead of Mix blade? Ice blades are very thin and have a conical shape. Even when they are brand-new you should most ...


Ice blades are designed for penetration, mixed blades are modified to help you also get a good bite on rock without doing to much damage to your tips. Will Gadd–who is considered to be the best ice and mixed climber in the world (watch him climb the hardest mixed climb ever here)–has this to say in his book: The Mountaineers: ICE & MIXED CLIMBING - ...


The same way you would with the spine of a knife or other flat piece of metal with enough thickness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NYyRLGUMCY

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