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Most grown people are good for an hour or two of constant paddling. Children get bored more quickly then they tire. People who go farther are either more athletic or more disciplined. I go fishing in my kayak, and my fishing grounds are about an hour's paddle each way (depending on currents and wind), and I spend an hour or two trading between drift fishing ...


I paddled from Z├╝rich to Amsterdam with no experience in kayakhiking, the following rule was pretty accurate for me. But before i get into that rule you have to do a testrun to see how far you can go in one day (preferably on the same type of water you plan to paddle on like a river or a lake). Here's my rule of thumb. If it is a river: ...


If you don't know what your boys are capable of then it's unfair to have expectations. I'm a Venturer Scout adviser for Scouts Canada, I take boys in that age group on trips regularly. I don't know what your group is like, but if it's anything like mine, then the boys probably all have different levels of ability, strength, and skill. For trips like this ...


On a sea kayak you might get significantly better results but my 9yr old could maybe do a mile on our rec boats.


I've hauled pretty much everything you can imagine on the tops of my vehicles through hurricane force winds. Southern Alberta is one of two places on Earth where Chinook winds regularly occur. Winds in excess of 100km/h are a common thing here, I used to fight constantly with my 17' Canoe before I finally installed a roof rack. I used to use foam canoe ...


The problem probably won't happen again, assuming you tighten down the kayak with reasonable force. The glass in most cars is (was originally) installed with some flexible material around the edges (rubber or urethane sealant in my experience). That stuff probably hardened on your junky old station wagon, allowing more stress to get to the glass. Also, ...


I see lots of people using bow and stern lines but really they are not required. I have travelled 600kms in a single journey with my 18ft sea kayak on the roof using only two centre straps. Bow and stern lines have more chance of causing your kayak serious damage imho.

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