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I tie two half hitches, with the second one being slipped. I don't have any trouble with tension, and it's easy to remove later.


I'm partial to the taut-line hitch, but you could also use a rolling hitch. I like using adjustable knots because they're easier to get tight, quick to re-tighten if they come loose for any reason, and easy to loose and untie. Simply tie the taut-line hitch back onto the same line after feeding it through the loop, you can then slide the knot along the rope ...


The Bell Ringer with the added a Half Hitch on the ear is a good one. However, if a Span Loop seized up on you, then you must be tying something else accidentally. A Span Loop should not come even remotely close to seizing up in any kind of rope. I have used the Span Loop in all kinds of rope in all kinds of conditions. The Span Loop never came remotely ...


I have the same question and that is how i ended up finding this discussion. After pondering all the solutions, i believe that a slippery half hitch via twisted loops is the best answer. I got inspiration from this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvgFyqFZK54. The twists keep the slip knot from rolling down the rope. Maybe that is the problem ...

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