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This really depends on what part of the world you are in. There are leeches in Australia that live in wet undergrowth (fronds, plants, etc) next to trails. When anything edible walks past they grab hold and start feeding. You don't even notice them until they drop off and the bleeding starts (since they inject anti-coagulant and numbing agent). I've ...


Yes, leeches can live above ground, on trees, and drop on their prey. I have seen this happen while hiking in Nepal. The leeches of which @ShemSeger speaks of are water leeches, but leeches also include the haemadipsidae family, which are ground leeches. They will do amazing things to reach you, including (but not limited to) dropping on you from above.


Leeches swim in still water, they don't live in trees, and they don't dwell on the ground. They attach themselves to bare skin, you won't even notice them do it. Last time I had a leech latch onto me I didn't find it until that night when I went to bed and found it mostly dried up attached to my toe when I took my socks of to get into my sleeping bag. (it ...


From my personal experience in the Western Ghats of India: I have found them in still water. They dwell on the ground hunting for prey. They can climb up trees barks and search for the heat signature of animals. They are found only in regions with considerable wetness. ADDITIONAL INFO: I do not think this is specific to any region of the world. As long ...

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