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The VERY FIRST thing you need to do is to not panic. Sit down for a minute or two and let your mind catch up to the fact you are lost. Now, take out your map, compass, gps, or whatever and try to find your way back to where you DID know where you were. If you can't figure out where the trail should be and you need to bushwhack, find a bit of a clearing, ...


Assuming you told people where you were going and you don't have PLB with you, you should start building camp. Construct distress signal discussed here: How can I signal for help in the wilderness? Don't panic Get busy making your camp Look for sources of water Construct distress signals Make traps, set up fishing lines, gather plant food. Gradually map ...


A neat little (recursive) acronym i learned in my survival education in the army is STOP (freely translated from Swedish): Stop - Don't panic, Think - Consider your situation, and do not deny the fact that you are lost, Orientate - Look at and get familiar with your surroundings, Plan - Make a plan on how to solve your problem. This is, of course, not a ...


I think someone may have mentioned a knife being an emergency kit essential item. Well, here is one great reason: A knife can be used as an improvised signal mirror. From today's news: Three Lost in Oregon Use Knife as Signal. I try never to go out into the woods without a good knife. I now have one more reason to never leave it back at home.


It sounds obvious, but check that you haven't got anything like a sighting compass on you or anything else with a mirror - I once heard of someone who was rescued but the process was more difficult because of his lack of a mirror. Later investigation found he was carrying such a sighting compass the whole time! If you really haven't, then find the shiniest ...


Yes, first stop to not make things worse, take a deep breath, and collect your thoughts. After that it depends a lot on the situation. I don't like most of the other answers because they assumed certain situations without stating their assumptions. What you should do next depends on a lot of things, so much so that giving any simple answer is impossible. ...


I was always told to make a cup of tea. Doing so gives you time to think, and involves finding firewood and many of the materials you'll need if things go bad. On the other hand, i'm British so given enough time to tie a shoe lace we've usually got a brew on.

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