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There are different web services which combine maps (usually downloadable) with GPS and the possibility either to permanently communicate and save your progress (update-rates usually can be chosen manually) or to let someone know your position at your discretion. The permanent update requires connection to a network and may not be available everywhere on the ...


I don't know about online website, but you can use a handheld GPS like Etrex to keep track of your progress. And since this stores GPS in a common format, you can import this data into another program that will render it in Google Maps which you can then display on your web browser.


I had a similar question (which I have deleted) relating to the UK, here's what I found (from comments to my deleted Q and from answers here) that varies from the other answers here I primarily wanted to draw a post-walk track from memory as a longer term record of where I'd been. I carry a GPS but don't turn it on unless I'm lost (it's hard to be lost in ...

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