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Breath through your teeth, that's what we'd do when cycling in NW Ontario, the bugs are horrible there year round. I've inhaled more than one mosquito in my life time, now I just grit my teeth and put on a psycho smile if I'm breathing hard while moving fast through bugs. Of course this method doesn't prevent bugs from getting in your teeth, so you have to ...


You could wear a mosquito net: Not clear how this is going to affect your running though...


You could try a running mask — Google > "Running Face Masks" Face masks are commonly worn by bicyclists and runners in the winter, but lighter-weight materials are available for runners concerned about inhaling dust and other pollutants. They are perfectly suited to keeping the bugs out.


Depends on how much you put on. It may be helpful to first identify why you are a mosquito magnet. Mosquitos are attracted to primarily two things that you can control: odour and heat. Unfortunately, about 85% of what makes people mosquito magnets is suspected to be genetics, so there's not much you can do about that, except to try and mask the scent of ...


There are many homegrown solutions to this, such as latex glue or even duct tape. If you want to be extra cautious though, approach it like you were patching it. Find the recommended patch kit for that tent, sew the netting to the patches, then attach the patches as if it was a tear. I couldn't find an exact patch kit recommended by Quechua, but you can ...


I have been living in Wales for 20 years, the mosquitoes here don't bother me at all. Over the other side of the UK, they do. Not half as bad as North Carolina mosquitoes though, they leave red angry marks nearly an inch in diameter that take weeks to go. I'm emigrating to NC soon, so I'm really hoping I develop tolerance to the indigenous mosquitoes.


Vicks Vaporub works for me. I used this method in Iraq when nothing else would work.

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