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I did something a little like this in 2008, though less impressive than Lars & co. I hiked up to the observatory above Puerto de la Cruz on one day, and did Teide from the Montana Blanca bus stop a few days later. So not a continuous ascent, oh dear no, but it did acclimatise me to the altitude. Two wrinkles: if you don't have a summit permit, the ...


Yes it is quite possible. I just did it last week in 1 day, starting at 6am at Porto de la Cruz and after 10h20 of walking with few stops I reached the summit at 3,718m a bit after 4pm. Then you can go down for the night at Altavista (c. 3,200m) and see the sun rise the morning after (with a great view of the shadow of the Teide). You need to book in ...

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