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Source: John Baldwin: Slope Angles from Map Contours View this page for a refresher on how to do the maths to calculate slope on a topographic map.


Prerequisites: A Topographical Map for the area you are in. Ordnance Survey's Landranger series cover all of the UK. A compass suitable for the task. (I use the Silva Expedition 54) Knowledge of your current location on the map. Step 1: Taking Bearing. Point your compass at the distant peak. (This is done without a map, by physically looking at the ...


I don't believe such an easy method exists you can keep in your head and calculate. The position of the moon relative to you depends on accurate knowledge of the phase of the moon, time of day, and latitude and longitude of where you are, and those interact in a nonlinear manner. Your original claim isn't even true in all places. The moons rotation is ...


What you mean is called "Orientierungslauf" or in short "OL" in Germany. There are some events, but it is best you get in touch with some organizers over there perhaps using this list of upcoming orienteering marches. In my experience the events of this kind which are not highly popular are mostly not (yet) present on the internet. It's "popular" around ...


There's a german organization their website can be found here -> Best you ask them for further informations, best you contact one of these guys ->

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