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First-in = Last-out. In order: Sleeping bag Those three more or less together, the heavier pieces closer to the back Sleeping pad (if fits in the backpack) Camp clothes Tent Camp stuff, mostly: Food (Except for day food) Kitchen Book Depending on the weather Extra day clothes if any Rain shell if any Stuff that need to be accessible in top/side ...


Assuming that you have the right kind of a backpack according to your requirements. First, you need to separate things that you need frequently and things you'll need less often. The way I camp/trek and plan things, I am okay to pack everything all over again in the morning. Generally, it is best suited to pack lighter items in the bottom of the pack and ...


I use a pac safe metal mesh for my plane travel as my pack is a camping pack not a travel pack with lockable pockets. http://www.blessthisstuff.com/stuff/wear/bags-luggage/bag-protector-by-pacsafe/ With a simple padlock and the length of cable you should be able to link it to a tree and put the key in your pocket or around your neck.

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