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You indicate your rain jacket is made with eVENT fabric. If that is the case there are NO nature-gatherable substance that could be applied to your shell that would NOT result in losing breathability and probably permanently destroying water resistance characteristics of the eVENT garment. eVENT membrane is highly sensitive to dirt, oils and other ...


Primative waterproofing is accomplished by impregnating s material with an oil or wax or blend of each. Rubber also works well and since you are in Columbia, you can probably make your own from a rubber tree.


The simple answer to your question is 'no'. A more complicated answer would have to involve issues such as how many layers does the rain shell have, what are the fabrics involved, and is it being stored soaked for long periods of time. A number of current high end WP fabrics are on the fragile side, so putting the WP layer in between two other layers (be ...


Does it wear out more quickly if rain gear is stored in a stuff sack Pretty much everything wears out more quickly in a stuff sack. They put additional pressures onto the fibres, etc. So yes it will. How much quicker is open to debate and will vary considerably depending on how compressed, for how long and what fibres, treating you have on the item.


The creases that develop can theoretically compromise rain proofing treatment, especially if those creases cycle (bend and straighten repeatedly) however you can always retreat your gear to get more life out of them. Everything in camping is a compromise between what you can carry and what you need. If you need the stuff you've chosen, and in order to bring ...

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