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Yes, you can survive it... if you've got the skills. Not many years ago I watched a film at a mountain film festival, and it was about the first guys to ever kayak the Congo River. They weren't only the first people to kayak the river, they were also the first people to navigate it-and survive. Here's a clip from National Geographic: ...


It depends very much on the specific geography. But the idea of "whirlpools" that suck down people or entire ships, never to be seen again (which I suspect is what fascinates you) is largely a myth. The dangers aren't any different (and typically much smaller) than those posed by whitewater rapids in rivers. Specific dangers are: Being knocked against ...


I would say no, because according to records, the strait is not even considered navigable except during short periods of slack tide. Does that mean a person couldn't survive? No certainly not, but I wouldn't bet my own life to try.

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