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For non FKT (Fastest Known Time) chasers fastpacking is aimed at keeping a 3-5 miles per hour pace with the goal of covering 25-40 miles per day. I found that fastpacking can be very demanding and settled on ultrapacking (my term...) that is more about slow endurance than speed, aiming for 2.5-3.5 mph over 10-12 hours with no breaks, using similar methods ...


Fastpacking is lightweight or ultralight mountain travel with the aim of covering big distances over extended trips. Base weights would typically range between 8lbs-15lbs (3.5-7kg) or even less, so packs should be light enough to enable at least some of the trail to be covered with a running gait. There's a lot of emphasis on using your skills and experience ...


Take a piece of nylon screen and cut a 2"X1" piece. Wash thoroughly. Use this like an athletic mouth piece. Slide between the front of your teeth and back of your upper and lower lips. It sounds crazy but works great.

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