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I want to rent a boat (not a pontoon, but one with a sleeping area, bathroom etc.) which I can use for an overnight stay in open ocean. I am an absolute beginner about boats and don't know anything besides that boats run on water. For virtually all skill levels this is a very poor idea. You should not under (almost) any circumstances spend the night in ...


You've got quite a bit of study before you are ready for this kind of voyage. I am not how far off shore "open ocean" means to you, but if it's anything beyond swimming distance to shore, you're going to need more training. What is the kind of boat called? Generally it is called a bareboat charter. To my knowledge, most bareboat charters are for sailboats. ...


I practice that: If one on board feels seasickness, (s)he should work with ropes and sails on the deck for some time. Pros: Not concentrate on the problem A lot of fresh air Staying near the center of mass of the boat Facing forward Con: Not universal


In addition to all the excellent advice, I'd like to recommend a few other things that help me. I have a digestive disorder, as well as an inner ear disease which causes the type of vertigo commonly experienced on moving boats. As @jrovermier mentioned, ginger has been medically proven to help nausea, and I rely on it every day. I recommend sipping on tea ...

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