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Windpaddle Sails is your answer. I sail the Alapcka Packrafts often and it is awesome! Check out this blog post about sailing with a bike and a packraft. Cheers, Jon D


Sources: http://gps-tracker-review.toptenreviews.com/spark-nano-details.html http://sparkgps.com/ Reading up on the device and from simple knowledge. I'd say device life would largely depend on the update frequency. The device will always easily acquire a GPS fix with an accuracy of at least 5-10 meters. I couldn't find the default interval to quickly ...


This will depend entirely on the type of boom and outhaul. If you have a simple straight through outhaul: If you have completely lost the outhaul, either get yourself a fish tape (from your local DIY store) or use a small plumb bob and fishing line. A fish tape should work even when the boom is horizontal, but in order to use a plumb bob you'll probably ...

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