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I'm a sailboat skipper with 25 years experience, so perhaps my tips could help a bit. Since the skipper is responsible for the safety and well-being of his/her crew, he or she also has a responsibility to avoid when possible situations which will make members of his crew seasick. For the crew: If you are susceptible to seasickness, consider starting to ...


Windpaddle Sails is your answer. I sail the Alapcka Packrafts often and it is awesome! Check out this blog post about sailing with a bike and a packraft. Cheers, Jon D


I practice that: If one on board feels seasickness, (s)he should work with ropes and sails on the deck for some time. Pros: Not concentrate on the problem A lot of fresh air Staying near the center of mass of the boat Facing forward Con: Not universal


In addition to all the excellent advice, I'd like to recommend a few other things that help me. I have a digestive disorder, as well as an inner ear disease which causes the type of vertigo commonly experienced on moving boats. As @jrovermier mentioned, ginger has been medically proven to help nausea, and I rely on it every day. I recommend sipping on tea ...

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