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No answers yet, so I'll put in my 2 cents. A more aggressive edge (3+ degrees) bevel will cut into ice better, improving turns, but making the skis more itchy (squirrel-y?). A less aggressive edge (0-1 degree) won't bite as easily, but wears down slower and is more comfortable to ride for beginners. The base bevel and side bevel can both be changed, but ...


The two biggest risks from gouges: Core Shot: This is when the gouge cuts through the base material* to the core layers of the ski (usually wood or composite material). If moisture gets in between those layers (it will), it can cause the various layers of your ski to separate. This process of de-lamination will rapidly destroy your ski or snowboard and can ...


If it is deep and near the edge where it can cause the metal edge to bend under use, it should be fixed. Other than that, skis (and snow boards) can handle a lot of gouging. The main problem is that it slows down the skis a little, and might affect turning if it's pretty bad. Luckily, gouges are reasonably cheap and quick to have fixed.

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