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I have a self-inflating mat, and I think the foam serves three purposes. In order of importance: It sets the shape of the mat when inflated. Think of the foam as limiting how far the opposite walls of the mat can be in any one place. If you didn't have this, the mat would become more of a circular tube as it is inflated. For cushioning, the foam does ...


Yes, the R-value will add of your different layers. If you wear layer A with R=5 and layer B with R=2.5, the overall insulation value will be R=7.5. To explain this a bit, we think of two layers or flat walls which interact only due to thermal conduction. This is just a model and in reality other effects will come in play. The Fourier Law for thermal ...


According to wikipedia2 In calculating the R-value of a multi-layered installation, the R-values of the individual layers are added. I would imagine a slight diminishing return as the r-value is a laboratory measurement in ideal condition which is not quite the same as on the field (variable temperatures, moisture, air movement, etc.).


I don't know how robust the waterproof bottom of your bivy bag is, but with the bivy bags I know (which are predominantly some kind of mountaineering emergency equipment) I would not want to put the sleeping pad into them. The reason is simply, that bivy bags are designed to give a good weather insulation (primarily by being waterproof and windproof) while ...

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