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Isobutate/Propane fuel amounts are usually presented in terms of net weight. The small canisters are usually 3.5oz ~ 4oz (100g ~ 110g). The medium canisters are usually 7.75oz ~ 8oz (220g ~ 230g). The large canisters are usually around the 16oz range (~450g). The amount of fuel depends on the brand, but that's a general guideline. Most of the "big name ...


Automotive gasoline has a very strong smell which is almost impossible to eliminate entirely, even it it doesn't actually leak as the persistent smell comes from heavier hydrocarbons and other additives which don't evaporate quickly. Many fuels also contain chemicals specifically intended to give an unpleasant taste and smell for safety reasons. One ...


1 oz of isobutane will boil about 1.8 L (about .475 gallons) of water, for a Whisperliite Universal Stove

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