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Having been a keen surfer since the late eighties, I can give you a reasonable list of the essentials: Press ups Pull ups Sit ups Burpees Swimming That's it. Seriously. All you really need to focus on is upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness, and you can do all of these without buying equipment. Technique can help a lot as well - when you ...


Without knowing your level of physical fitness, I would say that the following points would be important to be able to enjoy surfing: Balance, critical for enjoyment of any "ride the thing" sport. Static legs, beef up those thighs to be able to brave the highest of waves. Stamina, run, cycle or swim to add to your current stamina (more stamina => longer ...


I would recommend Yoga. Yoga when done to the extreme is very exhausting, good for balance, and stability muscles. As trying to define yoga routines would be way to long of an answer, I would recommend checking out youtube for some tips. They even have surf specific yoga there.


Additionally to longboards, you could investigate a mini-Malibu ("mini-mal") / mini-longboard shape, with lengths in the region of 7'x" - 8'x". As a beginner you'll find such a board easier to control than a longboard, and thus less frustrating to use, although longboarders will out-pace you when paddling onto a wave.

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