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Couple of factors that I'm aware of Swell/Geography This is why most of the UK has bad surfing. The swell is the energy generated in the Ocean, this is ultimately what drives the waves. To generate swell you need big powerful weather systems. These typically only form in oceans. The problem with the UK is that Ireland is between us and the Ocean. So all ...


Some factors not covered... Accessibility A break that is reached after a long paddle or by fighting currents saps energy better spent on catching and surfing waves. Seek easier routes to the open water by paddling around waves, or through channels of relatively calm water. Boundary features like rocks, cliffs, jetties and harbour walls can cause ...


I don't know of any webcams with audio. However, here's a couple of YouTube videos that might do the job. Surfing on Maui (Honolua?) some bodysurfing/boogieboarding Relaxing 3 Hour Video of Tropical Beach another one in Big Sur You might be able to find more. I just did a couple quick YouTube searches using "ocean waves" and "relaxing surfing."


Do you live near the beach? If so the best exercise for surfing is surfing. As an avid surfer for 25+ years, this has been the case for me. Outside of that, swimming, paddling, and rowing are good alternatives. In terms of the goal of "not getting exhausted", focus on cardio. I rowed crew for a couple years in college. During that time, I was in my best ...

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