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If the cold conditions are relative temporary, say being caught in a blizzard or being benighted, as well as having extra clothing, food, bivouac sack, etc. there is also the question of whether it is better to conserve energy and find somewhere sheltered to wait until it is safer to continue or try and push on to reach safety and risk becoming exhausted and ...


Just run. Alligators (and crocodiles) are cold blooded and as a result don't have a lot of stamina. Warm blooded animals can maintain high energy output for longer periods. If you want to aim for something other than 'away from the alligator', go for high ground. That will lessen your chance of ending up in the water where the gator has a better chance of ...


When caught unprepared in really bad weather you should try to at least not sweat, stay dry, stay well hydrated and well fed, hide from the wind, insulate yourself from the ground (if sitting) with anything you find (wood, dead tree leaves, ... etc) and don't sleep. If you should absolutely sleep, aim for very short naps and get up and move whenever you feel ...


They can't run for long periods. They have brief sprints up to about 12mph so you can outrun one, especially if you keep going. That said, alligators don't attack humans. From this LA Times article: Alligator attacks are still extremely rare. In fact, the likelihood of a Florida resident being injured in an unprovoked alligator attack is roughly one in ...


I like Les Stroud's(survivorman) book called "Survive!". Just like in his tv show, he outlines survival in all different climates and locales. It's very specific and sounds like something that would interest you. There's a great(and short) list of survival books here. Another of my favorites is "Wildwood Wisdom" which isn't locale specific but focuses on ...


I would say that its vital to let someone know your route & radio in at a set time of day to let them know where you are & how you are coping.


The Pocket Survival Guide. by J. Wayne Fears Accurate, concise, to the point.

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