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![bear pepper][1] Bear spray doesn't always work and isn't even allowed in Yosemite. Guns are allowed in Yosemite by federal law per state law as Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana have sensible gun laws. There are similarly stupid rules about bear spray in other parks. It's not stupid that guns ARE allowed as a backup plan is just good business, it IS stupid ...


Rectal infusion I have read of a case where people survived in a life raft not by drinking their own urine, but by rectally infusing urine through a tube. This is apparently quite a safe way to get your body to extracting the water in a fluid without absorbing all/too many of the potentially dangerous waste products. Turns out one of the survivors was a ...


I have only drink my pee two times. Both times i was sick the next day. I won't never do it again. It did kind of taste good though. Getting sick wasn't worth it to drink pee.

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