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Four season tents should be good for 4 seasons. Winter tents are good for winter. I don't think a tent that is a winter tent can accurately be called a 4 season tent because it's not. Not expert analysis just common sense. What makes a good 4 season tent is the ability to withstand cold and heat. Huge mesh panels on the inner tent for when it's hot that ...


Tents, as far as replacement goes, are usually made of 3 parts: Fly Inner Poles Poles can usually be repaired (to a point), or replaced with equivalent or with similar models with a little work. Better yet is to use a tent that fits on straight poles, which can be replaced with trekking poles, or with standard straight poles. (MSR has some, for ...


I'm guessing hanging any decent dessicant in the tent would help some. Perhaps charcoal, or maybe even the rice you're going to cook tomorrow. Or try Silica gel.

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