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First a good place is, where you can fit your tent with the guy lines fits in. In the finding process of this good place you should how the weather (forecast) is and then you can decide on the further points. good weather: sunny, clear stable distance to the fireplace, water and toilet go close to the fireplace to reduce walking, not to close to burn ...


High and Dry Find a flat area. Make sure that flat area won't pool with water if it rains. There's really not much else you need to be concerned about in a well forested area except for critters, which everyone knows Australia has in abundance - all sorts of little deadly creatures that could easily kill you in your sleep with a single bite, but I ...


Likely to be less buggy than a hammock, and doesn't have the weight of hiking poles. Also (and I'm not sure I'd try this), if you are concerned about being trampled/attacked by large animals, you could install it several feet up the tree. Finally, the floor looks flatter than a hammock, and the 3-point tiedown seems to keep it from rotating.


I use a 'pod' hammock tent for backpacking and enjoy it a lot. This bigger tree tent wouldn't be for backpacking but for car camping with friends or family. Sleeping in a suspended tent is clean, dry and more comfortable then sleeping on the ground. (everything being subject to your own opinion)

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