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A pan of cool charcoal left in the foot of the tent or if possible hanging from the tent roof will help absorb much of the moisture. Most of the moisture comes from us (breathing) and cools as it raises. If you can hang it about mid level of the tent the charcoal will soak it up like a sponge.


Old question, but you never got a decent answer...so here you go: Contact Tent Pole Technologies at polesforyou.com./ They make custom tent poles and can do so based off of the pole specs you have already listed. Many in the outdoor industry (EMS, REI, etc) use them for repairs and warranty work when they run out of the extra pole sets they have ordered ...


Howdy I'm a street person in South Texas (DEATHLY hot and humid, day and night) and I sleep in a tent almost every night of my life (if I can't find a safe unoccupied building that is). Here's probably THE most important tip: hang one, or two, moisture absorbing dehumidifiers in the tent. They are kinda rare to find in stores but no problemo online. Keep ...


When I was stationed in Great Lakes, Illinois doing volunteer work with the Boy Scouts, we camped every month of the year, never using anything more than three season tents. There were nights where the snowfall was quite heavy, but the tents never ripped or collapsed. For floor insulation we would distribute several moving blankets and cover the tent floor. ...

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