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I made my own hiking trailer - first version 2011. I pulled my hiking trailer in various environments. You can read more in my Wiki pages - the text is Finnish but you can use Google translator. In my Wikipages you can find answers to many guestions and problems. It really works very well in all terrain.


I met a fellow from Holland using a Wheelie to hike across Canada. This was his third or fourth summer hiking across Canada and he recommended the Wheelie for anything close to what he was doing. He walked mostly without using his hands, but he loved the handles for when the road was rough. He was using roads exclusively. He had purchased the optional ...


I have used the listed below website for as long as they have been around. They provide very detailed and regularly updated maps from the national survey association. I recommend getting a lamination machine and printing off these maps that are along the trail just before leaving for your trip. The weight is no more than carrying the Guthook book. ...

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