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I made my own hiking trailer - first version 2011. I pulled my hiking trailer in various environments. You can read more in my Wiki pages - the text is Finnish but you can use Google translator. In my Wikipages you can find answers to many guestions and problems. It really works very well in all terrain.


There are several equivalents just as there is for the AT. I would consider Halfmile maps combined with PocketPCT. Halfmile's PCT maps 'Erik the Black' books PCT Data Book Pocket PCT U.S. Forest Service PCT Yogi's Wilderness Press books / databook ('official') The PCTA also provides a listing and sells books. Guthook has a review on his blog entry. I ...


This answer is mostly on comfort, for more technical/practical considerations, please consult Rory's answer above. I can express opinion about this double sleeping bag. Cheap, which affects it's other characteristics. Weights 3.6 kg, takes up most of the space in a large (60+)l backpack. Warmth is about the same as my single 3-season sleeping back. ...


I met a fellow from Holland using a Wheelie to hike across Canada. This was his third or fourth summer hiking across Canada and he recommended the Wheelie for anything close to what he was doing. He walked mostly without using his hands, but he loved the handles for when the road was rough. He was using roads exclusively. He had purchased the optional ...

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