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My suggestion would be to create a path in Google Earth and then view the elevation profile of the path. Here is an example of what that would look like, One caveat, Google Earth underestimates the steepness because instead of calculating slope as rise/run it uses rise/hypotenuse.


As far as anyone knows, no one has done a triple hike of each of the Triple Crown of Hiking. That said ... None of the three trail conservatories keep very rigorous records; instead they make estimates of trail usage based on trail registers and permit applications. Someone can do the full PCT and the PCTA would never know that they reached the end. The ...


I think that if your feet are going to harden, then they're going to harden. Chances are you just don't get out as often as you used to. I used to have massive calluses on my heels, but I simply don't put the same milage on my feet as I used to. Now I use hikers wool, it's amazing. I have massive heel spurs so heel lift has always been a problem for me. But ...


There can be a slight weight savings for a double bag over two single bags. This is difficult to fully calculate, especially if one person sleeps warmer than the other or if there is a height difference (e.g., one person needs a long bag and the other a short bag). There can also be a comfort advantage, but it really depends on how narrow the double bag is. ...

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