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From what I've discovered there are really two main types of Tyvek: hard-structure and soft-structure. The numbers you refer to are variations in applications of the two types. Hard-structure, type 10, is most commonly recognizable in the housewrap application and is suitable for a ground cloth. It is stiff, noisy, and loud but that can be remedied. ...


Builders typically get Tyvek in 9' rolls instead of 4' and 5' sheets. You may be able to buy a small piece off of the roll from your local building supply store or find some waste at a local construction site so that you don't have any seams to join. If you do need to join two sheets of Tyvek, Tyvek Tape is specifically designed for sealing the joints when ...


As you stated in your question, there are many different Tyvek fabrics, some are only water resistant, whereas others are completely waterproof (such as is used for express mail envelopes and printing materials). There are lots of forums online that discuss the use of Tyvek tarps for backpacking, to determine how water resistant your fabric is you need to ...


Palomar do a few US cities in their Crumpled City range - San Francisco, New York and Chicago. The Find do a range of Trail and National Park maps in Tyvek (scroll down on this page to find them)

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