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I would say that it is a Carabus coriaceus. It might have a size of 30 to 40mm and is very common around Europe. Unfortunately the English wikipedia article is rather tiny: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carabus_coriaceus


Books Check charity shops, you can often get books for £1, or sometimes 4 for £1. Or any books you have read, and don't want to keep. You can pick relevant books, ie anything about the outdoors, or children's books for a family friendly cache, or something specific to the local area or theme of the cache. You do have to be selective as to what books will ...


If you want to drop some really useful outdoor items, consider that all plastic straps, strap side release latches and strap adjusters, as well as safety-pins, needles and threads, and other repair items. Some caches may bless you for it if his/hers rucksack is damaged while hiking, and they have not repair kit. Such things are cheap to buy in bulk, but ...


A cheap ($17) camera! Would document geocachers, perhaps with instructions to take your pic! Keychain Camera Small laser pointer. Batteries last a long time, light shines long distance, and it's lightweight - great to help emergency crews find you.


Being in the military, I particularly like the idea of Challenge Coins (if you have the funding to put into it) as a geocaching reward. Places like this (http://www.challengecoins4less.com/) let you make your own, or you could consider buying a pre-made coin. They're small and pretty fun to have. I would definitely save them for a tougher find though, as ...


button compass pencil sharpener magnifying glass (updates when I think of some more)


All under £3: What about a Spork everyone should have a spork.... Vango eye light £3 bargain Vango mug

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