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Is it safe to drink water from streams in Dartmoor using simple purification methods? Basically it depends on the water source. Follow some general rules and you should be fine though. boil for four minutes to kill off any nasties. bear in mind this won't remove all polutants, something like mercury will not be affected by boiling. A nano filter (...


Completely depends on the situation. If you have a reason to be carrying it you won't have a problem. If you're going down to the local Co-op with it handing out your back pocket then you might be pulled up.


This isn't a knife, it's a saw. So the knife laws don't apply. Anyone can carry a saw (Woodmen, carpenters, etc.). So yes, there should be no problem with carrying a saw in open land. You state: UK law states the legal carry for a knife is less than 3 inches and must be a non-locking folding blade. that's incorrect though, the UK law states: ...


If you expect itchy insect bites, I can recommend a dedicated heat stick for treating the bites. Something like this: Therapik Mosquito Bite Reliever It does work, at least temporarily. The mechanism is often said to be the denaturing of the proteins due to heat. However the heat is not sufficient for that. What apparently really happens is that the local ...

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