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I have traveled the back country for 4-6 weeks a year for 30 years, mostly in the Canadian rockies and on the pre-cambrian shield. I've never used water purification, nor did we generally in our group. We've had some cases of the runs over the years, but the spread out nature made it unlikely it was a water source that did it. Far more likely bad hygiene ...


I believe it's the Violet Ground Beetle - Carabus violaceus. This is a close relative to the Carabus coriaceus posted by Jon. The purple colour is a give away, but I have to state that I'm no beetle expert and can not say whether there are very similar species. In many insect groups this is often the case. There are websites like observado.org where ...


No you don't. We live in a small Swiss village of 380 inhabitants All the water we use comes from above the village as spring water This is piped to our house and to a village water trough (for animals and humans ) Tourists often ask to drink from our house because the idea of drinking from an outside water source is euuk (yes many are American) However ...


I would say that it is a Carabus coriaceus. It might have a size of 30 to 40mm and is very common around Europe. Unfortunately the English wikipedia article is rather tiny: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carabus_coriaceus

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