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You can in a pinch, but not what it is made for. Won't last very long at all and will make a ton of noise. Get a piece of Tyvek and cut it to size. Cheap, light and durable. Can't beat it.


Your needs will vary depending on expected temperature. Your provisions for a 35 C night and a -35 C will be drastically different. Ultralight gear will help, but can only go so far. Whether or not you sleep warm or cold will determine how comfortable you are, as well as your age. The older you are, the more warmth you'll need as your metabolism slows. ...


Yes, you can use an emergency blanket as a substitute for most of a tarp's uses, but as you suspect it's not going to be as durable. The Mylar that they're made of is surprisingly tough and I doubt that it would rip or tear, but I would expect it to develop plenty of very small punctures and begin to lose its aluminum coating (possibly making a glittery ...

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