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This is asdanrnr from Uclue, I posted on your topic but after 14 days it is expiring and I am afraid my answer came too late, so here is my take : I went through this list of birds in Maryland: Your bird may be a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, you can here its song here : You're welcome.


Red River Gorge is one of my favorite places I've climbed and I've only been in the summer months. Yes it is more humid, but it's not unbearable, though I'm from the Southeast so I'm a bit used to that. I found that I still enjoyed the climbing enough that I don't remember being bothered by the weather conditions. In fact I think the evenings were a bit cool ...


No. They can be on the vast majority of each trail, but in most cases the land agencies along the way still have their own rules, and many National Parks (and some state parks) forbid pets on trails. You would have to either bypass those areas or arrange for your pet to be transported to the other end of each.


Woman here. No, I do not believe it's safe for women to hike alone. While most men in the western world would never harm a woman, women are magnets for the minority who would, and there are enough opportunistic predators out there that women find themselves being assaulted at the most random times while trying to perform the most mundane tasks. I don't ...


It seems to me that it is a Lepiota, a genus of gilled mushrooms in the family Agaricaceae. It could be an Inocybe, a genus of mushroom.


Some areas of the world have a radio service (usually HF) that broadcasts weather on a schedule and allows you to check in daily. If close proximity to a marine area you may be able to pick up a scheduled marine VHF forecast (although it will be marine so the focus is different), Alternately, you could get a Ham license and schedule a hookup with an operator ...


The National Weather Service offers a REST Web Service to provide forecast data in XML format. You can request forecast data using latitude and longitude, start and end dates, and forecast data element. If you have an DeLorme inReach satellite communicator, you're in luck as someone has already set up an experimental service to parse messages from it and ...


I've used HF/SSB radio aboard a sailboat in remote locations to receive weather GRIB (gridded binary) files of forecasts according to a model. You would subscribe to a service: Airmail or Sailmail (on a boat). The whole equipment set-up is complicated, heavy, needing a computer, 12v battery, antenna, radio, cables, etc. and wouldn't be sufficient for ...

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