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I have not seen information regarding trails specifically from a running perspective, but there are a number of sites with information on hiking trails. Most trails suitable for hiking can also be used for trail running, and most trail reviews will cover sketchy sections which will be even more important if you're running. I am not in New England, so I ...


I live about 35 miles northwest of Boston, so I can answer this. The first thing you should do is join the Boston Chapter of the Appalachian Mountian Club (AMC). Once you are a member, you will have access to the extensive list of hikes they run. There will be a bunch in the White Mountains of NH, but also many shorter but closer local hikes in areas ...


You could use Map My Hike and use Boston and expand to area and specify how far you want to walk. I have used this site to find local running and trail routes before and have found it useful. Another site is Every Trail which you can access here. As @Pulsehead has suggested using local trail clubs and outdoors centres are always a good source of ...


American Trail Running Association keeps a list for every state. It's not an exhaustive list, but it has some details for running. http://www.trailrunner.com/trails/main_state_page.htm

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