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Maximum angle depends on the type of rock and on the type of your boots. There are too many factors to think about, so maybe the question about maximal angle is not useful. Consider the following: Is the rock wet or iced? If yes, this may severely limit your walking abilities. Is the rock covered with a thin layer of sand or gravel? (you will slip all the ...


What's the limitation here? Back in the old days there were no climbing boots available so rock climbers used boots (maybe enhanced with metal plates). Also in icy terrain this was the case. Even when Eiger Northface was climbed first not all party members had crampons. (people also climbed barefoot very steep and tough rock routes, even today some are doing ...


I was told to keep dry, take as cool of showers as you can stand and use dial non scented soap. Also bring a change of socks. In the military I changed socks about 3 times a day.


This sounds like exercise induced Vasculitis. This is tiny blood vessels which break due to heat & restriction due to socks & friction. Also known as a golfers rash. It tends to happen more in people over 50. It has nothing to do with being overweight either as someone commented on the web. Mine was as a result of hiking a minimum of 25km per ...

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