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Most likely a Caddisfly. They make homes of twigs and stones. CADDISFLY: The caddisfly lives only a short time as an adult but may spend several years as a larva. Many larvae can do something few aquatic insects can – they build their own shelter. Different kinds of caddisflies build different types of homes. Some species build homes of leaves ...


I just get it mostly dry and then pop it in the freezer until the next use. This keeps anything from growing and takes 30 seconds and no cost.


Found this on an amazon review: "I bought a flat, low-profile cap for an interim solution as well as to have a more durable closure for storage and transportation. A cap which fits perfectly is the wide-mouth cap for the smaller (16oz) sized Nalgene bottle. This is not the commonly found wide-mouth size, and it's not a narrow-mouth cap. The complete 16oz ...

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