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From a few years of hiking as an adult leader with the boy scouts (who are NOTORIOUSLY difficult to keep hydrated), I can say with certainty that symptoms vary between individuals. Personally, my muscles begin to cramp and I get a headache (in that order). These symptoms are fairly common. Many of the boys get nauseous. Some go through minor personality ...


I have found that soda pop bottles are designed for higher pressure and don't deform as badly. Plus they are cheap to replace. Water freezes from the top down. In a tall bottle, water freezing at the top gets a grip on the sides, and so as the water freezes down, the expansion pushes out the bottom. Laying it on it's side, and not quite filling it to the ...


Don't freeze the bottle - fill it with ice cubes. Better still, don't use ice cubes, use ice sticks that fit in the neck of bottles.


Don't fill the container. You can't win in a battle against the laws of physics. Water expands when it freezes, so you need to leave some room in your bottle to expand. What I find works best is to fill your bottle just over half, then freeze it on it's side. This will give the ice more room to expand than if you freeze it upright. When you grab your bottle ...

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