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First thing you should do is confirm the validity of the news. Assuming that the news is genuine: Report your location to some one sitting out safe who can coordinate a rescue once it is all sorted out. If you are car-camping, take a measure if you can drive away before it hits. If you don't think you can, get away from Cars as soon as you can. If you ...


The tent and the canoe are both objects that can catch wind. Tornadoes can generate winds in excess of 200 MPH and can throw cars. You would want to avoid being in either. Securing as much gear as possible is good common sense, but think about your safety and the safety of your party first.


The general guideline for tornado safety is to get as low to the ground as possible and assume the tornado safety crouch: Wind speeds will be slower close to the ground, you are less likely to be hit by a flying object, and are less of a target for lightning strikes. In the same vein, it is best to avoid stands of trees if possible because the risk of ...

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