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Yes, Europe has an international accepted definition of Wilderness. These European Wilderness Quality Standards are continuously updated and are available on the Website of the European Wilderness Society (http://wilderness-society.org). During the last years the society identified close to one million hectares in Europe that meet at least the bronze ...


Store your sandals or boots on the hip belt of your pack, while walking barefoot. Hook small items to your pants belt rings - while camping or in the city. Hook the nylon pouch, used to collect rubbish, to a tree branch (no one will step in it). Secure your travel mug to the exterior of the backpack for easy access and "mountain guy" look.


Ukrainian Gorgany. One of the most wild places in Europe. Mieczysław Orłowicz has written almost 100 year ago about one of the peaks, Popadia, that from there no place inhabited by men is to be seen. According to people that were there, this sentence is still true. You will not see any artificial lights from houses, streets or cars. Unfortunately, I ...

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