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The answers is to simply get a proper 4 season tent designed for camping in the winter. There's a reason why 4 season tents are different than 3 season tents, and that reason is because the weather and temperature of that fourth season (winter) is much harsher than the other three. You are not going to find a 3 season tent that performs as well as a 4 ...


If you are going to live in the tent, get a canvas wall tent and a stove. It will be much more livable over the long term even if it costs a bit more up front. I found a lot of information about and pictures of "hot tenting" here. I've always wanted to try it. If you are going to camp every weekend, get a good 4-season tent like those recommended in other ...


In my experience, you really don't need either trekking poles or ski poles when snowshoeing. On flat ground or at low angles, I don't find them necessary or useful at all. On very steep stuff, I find that an ice ax is more helpful (along with those mini-crampon things built into some snowshoes). The only time when I've felt like poles would have been at ...


Yes, always use poles with baskets. Trekking poles allow adjustability which I find useful in changing snow conditions. ...but to snowshoe without poles? You can do it but it's so much more work and I cover much more distance with. JIMO.

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