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Questions on carabiners of either serious type (mountain climbing, canyoning etc.) or less serious type (backpack extensions etc.)
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close to or next to your car, common examples would be camp-sites with set pitching and parking.
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Questions involving how to cast using a fishing rod and line should use this tag. Casting is the act of propelling your bait, lure, fly through the air towards where fish are. It can become a sport in…
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A mountain region between Black and Caspian Seas.
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Questions about safety precautions while caving, equipment checklist for caving, possible activities to make caving a better pastime, possible hazards, legalities if there are any for a specific regio…
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Questions with reference to children and possibly younger teenagers.
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Questions related to cleaning equipment or people during or after outdoor activities.
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Questions about cleaning fish and preparing it for consumption.
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Questions relating to climbing can include any activity that require the use of your hands and feet to move vertically up an object, obstruction or terrain. This varies from tree's to boulders to clif…
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often graded. The grade is an indication of how difficult or easier the climb is. Grades are often subjective and open to interpretation.
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Question about choosing proper clothes for outdoor activity and repairing/replacing them while being outside.
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about the coast or coastline, the part of the land adjoining or near the sea.
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Questions about issues connected with outdoor activities in low temperatures.
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defined as temperatures that are mainly between the freezing point of water and where someone sitting around needs at least three thin layers to be comfortable in the absence of aerobi…
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Category for outdoor communication gear.
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a navigational instrument utilising a magnetized needle giving a frame of reference based on North, South, East and West, as well as their intermediate directions such as SE, NW etc. Thi…
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Questions about how to behave during outdoor activities in order to preserve the environment and to protect animal or plant species.
The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (in short Continental Divide Trail (CDT)) is a United States National Scenic Trail running 3,100 miles (5,000 km) between Mexico and Canada. It follows the…
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Questions about preparing meals during outdoor activities, such as camping or survival.
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Questions referencing Cotton, Cotton based items, or the potential hazards or benefits of Cotton.
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Cougar, puma, mountain lion, panther, or catamount. Large cat living in the Americas.
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a traction device used to improve mobility on snow and ice. It generally consists of a series of spikes in a metal frame. These frames are attached to boots using various systems, such as…
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