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Starting, maintaining, controlling, or stopping a fire in the wilderness
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about treating minor injuries, providing temporary aid for major injuries until care can be reached, and determining which is which and how urgently medical care needs to be obtained. Que…
Questions involving fish in outdoor activities. Includes fish as food, as potential danger or as observation object.
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the activity of trying to catch fish, usually in the wild, using a wide range of techniques
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Specific concerns to transporting, preparing, and consuming foods during excursions into the great outdoors.
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The most general term - footwear includes sandals, shoes, and boots.
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The act of looking for fossils. Questions on this topic should apply to the outdoor pursuit of fossils or the identifying of fossils found in the outdoors.
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the preserved remains of fauna, flora or other organisms, as well as tree sap (amber) or footprints.
Questions relating to the French language.
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A global game where hidden "caches" can be found using GPS coordinates. Caches often contain a log and various items for swapping.
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Independent country in Caucasus, population about 5 mln, with a distinct language.
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Questions about those aspects of outdoor activities taking place partially or entirely on the territory of Germany, that could be subject to specific legal regulations.
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Questions referencing any type of glacier.
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Questions related to the Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable fabrics.
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Questions related to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and its use in the great outdoors.
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Questions about outdoor cooking on fire using grill devices.
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Questions referring to use of firearms.
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