A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Type to find tags:
× 5 × 12
the modality of fishing that uses a fly, a fly line, a fly rod, and a fly reel. Questions referring to fishing with fly tackle should have this tag.
× 4
for questions about making flies for fly fishing.
× 2
× 83
Specific concerns to transporting, preparing, and consuming foods during excursions into the great outdoors.
× 3 × 42
Questions about selection of footwear for a specific type of an expedition, terrain, situation, general advises about maintenance and/or repair of footwear should be tagged with question. Kindly note …
× 17
the process of obtaining food(s) from the countryside. This often takes the forms of collecting plants, fruits of mushrooms. Use this tag for any questions relating to obtaining wild food …
× 2 × 10
Questions referring to Forests (also, woods)
× 2
The act of looking for fossils. Questions on this topic should apply to the outdoor pursuit of fossils or the identifying of fossils found in the outdoors.
× 2
the preserved remains of fauna, flora or other organisms, as well as tree sap (amber) or footprints.
× 2
Questions referencing the country of France.
× 3
× 2
climbing at height without a rope or any protection. Ask questions using this tag that relate to climbing at height without ropes.
Questions relating to the French language.
× 2
× 12 × 2
× 2
A planned outdoor space attached to a dwelling. Garden's can be green and planted or more urban./ Use this tag to tag questions about outdoor related questions related to a garden. Please note gardeni…
× 9
× 456
Whenever applicable use a more specific tag like backpack, shoes, stoves, tents, ... Only questions that do not fit into such a tag and are related to any physical gear for engaging in those activitie…
× 37
should be used with questions about Geocaching, and information on geocaches.
× 3
× 2
Independent country in Caucasus, population about 5 mln, with a distinct language.
× 8
Questions about those aspects of outdoor activities taking place partially or entirely on the territory of Germany, that could be subject to specific legal regulations.
× 10
Questions referencing any type of glaciers, safety precautions to be taken while on Glaciers, etc are supposed to be tagged with this tag.
× 3 × 2
× 15
Questions related to the Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable fabrics.
× 24
Questions related to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and its use in the great outdoors.
× 3
Questions about outdoor cooking on fire using grill devices.
× 2