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climbing at height without a rope or any protection. Ask questions using this tag that relate to climbing at height without ropes.
Questions relating to the French language.
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A planned outdoor space attached to a dwelling. Garden's can be green and planted or more urban./ Use this tag to tag questions about outdoor related questions related to a garden. Please note gardeni…
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should be used with questions about Geocaching, and information on geocaches.
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Independent country in Caucasus, population about 5 mln, with a distinct language.
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Questions about those aspects of outdoor activities taking place partially or entirely on the territory of Germany, that could be subject to specific legal regulations.
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Questions referencing any type of glaciers, safety precautions to be taken while on Glaciers, etc are supposed to be tagged with this tag.
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Questions related to the Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable fabrics.
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Questions related to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and its use in the great outdoors.
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Questions about outdoor cooking on fire using grill devices.
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Questions referring to use of firearms.
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a sling between two points used for sleeping. It is usually between two trees.
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Question about making your whole body or particular body parts more resistant to outside influences.
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A type of torch that your wear on your head. Sometimes refereed to as a head-torch. Use this tag to tag questions about the use, maintenance or any other issues or general question about headlamps.
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Questions related to staying healthy or dealing with health issues during outdoor activities. Answers given here are not intended as a replacement for professional medical advice. Please do not use th…
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Questions referring to everything related to mountaineering in higher altitudes (generally 10.000ft+/3000m+) like concerns about your health because of the thin air.
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any outdoor walking activity - usually along trails and across unmarked wild country.
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a mountain range in Asia. They cross through the following countries: Bhutan, India, Nepal, China, and Pakistan, and include Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.
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Questions referencing horses (Equus ferus caballus) or equine specific items.
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Scouting, tracking, pursuing, and killing animals for sport and/or food. Also to include photohunting (where a camera is used instead of a gun).
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for the questions discussing Hygiene (personal as well as public) when being outdoors.