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Questions related to possible outdoors activities that can be done in a Nation Park, Safety precautions and Protocols to be followed when in a National Park, Legalities and Permissions related to a Na…
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The practice of being without clothes, both indoor and outdoor. Known also as nudism or FKK (in German-speaking area).
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for all questions about outdoor navigation with maps, compasses or mobile devices equipped with sensors for satellite based positioning systems.
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the northeastern corner of the United States. New-England consist of the six states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
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Questions only specific about the region that comes under New Zealand, and question related to Laws and Legalities, weather, seasons, etc (relating to any outdoor activity) shall be tagged under this …
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for questions about outdoor activities done partially or entirely between sunset and sunrise.
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a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and other adventure tourism places.
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Finding points in terrain, with help of special maps, in form of competition or training.
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a 2,663 miles long-distance hiking and equestrian trail located on the west coast of the United States. The trail's southern terminus is on the U.S. border with Mexico, a…
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a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive e…
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battery-operated devices that are carried and used in order to transmit a personalized emergency and/or distress signal.
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Questions referring to the process of putting up a tent.
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likely to be found in the outdoors or the use of plants in outdoor activities, including classification, use as food, use for shelter, medicinal use, etc.
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Appropriate for questions about planning or preparations for outdoors activities.
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a tag that is supposed to be used with questions that require possible options to prevent something (which is strictly in the scope of The Great Outdoors) from happening.
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Broadly, protection the action of protecting, or the state of being protected.
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a friction knot used to grip a section of rope. It is typically used for ascending ropes or providing a backup lock to a belay device.
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should be used with questions/posts relating to aspects related to purchasing some equipment, gear, etc.
the construction on which the trains move. Depending on the situation, it can be an obstacle to cross or the invaluable orientation point. In some situations it…
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precipitation that falls out of the sky in a liquid form. Use this tag to tag questions related to rain.