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a technique used to prevent a person sliding off into danger when walking on snow and ice. the technique is used to prevent a person sliding should they loose their footing. Use this ta…
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a basic structure that provides cover in adverse conditions.
a pair of strings used to fasten and tighten shoes or boots to feet, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoelaces
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Anything on shoes (not boots or sandals) used for outdoor activity.
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the act or process of firing firearms. Use this tag for questions relating to the shooting for sport or shooting for hunting purposes.
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Questions discussing about necessary precaution, safety concerns, required equipment and overall safety measures to be taken into consideration during Skiing should be tagged with this tag. This tag c…
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Anything on this essential item. Questions on models, types, modifications, hacks, maintenance and correct use.
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Legless, long bodied, carnivorous reptiles.
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Questions relating to any thing related to snorkeling and skin diving. Examples include, but are not limited to; snorkeling gear, skin diving gear, snorkeling sites, etc.
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vapor frozen forming ice crystals, often lying on ground or falling as a snow flake, often termed Snow Fall.
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A sport that involves descending a slope that is covered with snow on a snowboard attached to a rider's feet using a special boot set onto a mounted binding.
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Questions only specific about the region that comes under Spain, and question related to Laws and Legalities, weather, seasons, etc (relating to any outdoor activity) shall be tagged under this tag.
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Roped up climbing with the aim of climbing as difficult as possible. Mostly done at single-pitch routes on natural rock or in climbing gyms. Different style of climbing than bouldering, alpine climbin…
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One of the four seasons, following winter and preceding summer. For questions regarding spring water the tag water should be preferred.
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Questions with reference of best practises on storing items. This could be gear or food related.
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Under the scope of TGO at StackExchange, the range and types of stoves and similar products shall be considered only suitable for Outdoor purposes.
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first visible on the horizon