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The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (in short Continental Divide Trail (CDT)) is a United States National Scenic Trail running 3,100 miles (5,000 km) between Mexico and Canada. It follows the…
created Nov 23 at 10:20
a location-dedicated tag. Within the scope defined by The Great Outdoors, this tag is supped to be used with questions that discuss possible outdoor activities and legalities related to outdoo…
created Nov 23 at 8:52
created Nov 20 at 4:50
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referencing recurve bow.
created Nov 12 at 12:04
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a form or protection used in rock climbing. They are sometimes called SLCD, cam or friend. Camming devices were first invented by Vitaly Abalakov and work on the principle of a Log…
created Nov 5 at 10:15
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for questions about making flies for fly fishing.
created Nov 5 at 9:46
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