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Questions about walking through water, usually while practicing sports such as fishing.
created Jul 13 at 14:23
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Questions involving how to cast using a fishing rod and line should use this tag. Casting is the act of propelling your bait, lure, fly through the air towards where fish are. It can become a sport in…
created Jul 13 at 10:39
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Questions about how to choose, use, maintain, repair, and otherwise deal with fishing equipment should have this tag.
created Jul 13 at 10:09
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the modality of fishing that uses a fly, a fly line, a fly rod, and a fly reel. Questions referring to fishing with fly tackle should have this tag.
created Jul 13 at 10:07
created Jun 27 at 20:58
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used to attract fish and entice them to take the hook when fishing should have this tag.
created Jun 22 at 13:25
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to tag questions about clothing that is in some way waterproof.
created Jun 22 at 9:05
A planned outdoor space attached to a dwelling. Garden's can be green and planted or more urban./ Use this tag to tag questions about outdoor related questions related to a garden. Please note gardeni…
created Jun 19 at 8:38