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comment Booking Alpine huts
I'd love to go in June but some members of my group can only get holiday in august
comment Search and rescue costs in Iceland?
Another good resouce for rescue costs around Europe: ns.is/ns/neytendasamtokin/thjonusta/evropska_neytendaadstodin/…
comment What should I look for if I want to buy a winter-proofed tent?
Winter tents often have a snow valance sewn to the fly sheet, this can be buried in the snow, and provides two benefits, 1. stops the wind getting in the tent, handy if you're trying to cook in the porch, 2 prevents snow being blown between the inner tent and your fly sheet.
comment Can/Should I cook in my tent?
Agreed, most of the time it's really not a good idea. However if you're on a limited fuel budget (say a multi day hike) cooking in the porch of your tent will keep a lot of wind off the stove, and mean it uses a lot less fuel (even if you stove has some other kind of wind shield) If you're going to do it, keep a very close eye on the stove, don't light it and fall asleep!
comment Is it practical to get a satellite phone for communication from remote areas?
The new InmarSat iSatPhone Pro claims the battery life is 100 hours standby and 8 hours talking. Calls cost about $1/min to landlines.