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I'm an elected moderator on Science Fiction and Fantasy and moderator pro tempore on The Great Outdoors and Puzzling, and I'm also active on several other SE sites.

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I am an iOS Software Engineer at Fitbit, Inc.

comment Lighting a fire using a flint and steel
I second dryer lint. Definitely easy to light with a flint and steel (and a good demonstration of why you should clean your drier!)
comment Technique for lead solo climbing with rope
We don't forbid questions about potentially dangerous activities like this. Answers should just emphasize how dangerous it is and probably discourage anyone who has to ask/read about it from trying.
comment How to fix a leak in a fibreglass kayak?
Duct tape fixes everything. Only kind of kidding, it would probably work for an emergency/short-term fix, but I wouldn't rely on it for too long.
comment Can groundwater still be consumed if after boiling the water turns brown with an oily substance floating on top?
I'm not sure what's causing that, but I wouldn't drink it.
comment Potability measure of water on Volcanic Mountains
If there's chemical contamination (probably sulfur), no amount of boiling will help. Distillation might, depending on what it's contaminated with.
comment Is it possible to develop the immunity against mosquitos?
I don't know about "get used to," but I really don't get any reaction from mosquito bites. Maybe a bit of itching for a few minutes, nothing more. Possibly because I grew up in a highly mosquito-infested area, which would imply acclimatization is possible.
comment Commuting by canoe
Just make sure you have somewhere to safely store your kayak while you're working.
comment What kinds of stores sell multi-mode (adjustable-brightness) flashlights?
As BMike said, this really is a shopping question, even though it's somewhat more generalized than the average one. It could also be considered a list question, which is also discouraged across the SE network. Therefore, I'm going to close it now. If you disagree with this response, you can bring it up on The Great Outdoors Meta.
comment What is the main purpose of the foam inside a self-inflating mat?
I agree in particular with #3. If you prefer a softer mattress, the self-inflation from the foam can be enough by itself.
comment How can I locate the leak in a inflatable pad
@manoftheson I think that's different enough you should post it as an answer.
comment Canadian Law with respect to knifes
Legal questions are on topic (cc @JanHlavacek), just keep in mind that we are not lawyers (and those here that are are not your lawyer) and this is not legal advice. You are still ultimately responsible for following whatever local laws you are subject to, regardless of what is (or isn't) said here.
comment Which will keep my food colder longer, draining the melted ice water, or leaving it in the cooler?
@LBell water is great at thawing things (e.g. turkey) because of its high specific heat - the same reason it is good at keeping things cool. It doesn't matter which way the temperature difference goes, water is hard to heat or cool. Turkeys need to be thawed quickly and at a low temperature difference, and water is one of the only things that can do that.
comment Isn't Nor'easter supposed to move from the Northeast to Southwest?
The wind comes from the NE but the system itself can move N/NW
comment Does Moss only grow on the North side of trees?
Yes, that's right. For best results you'd probably want no more than a few trees without any standing water nearby. If moss grows distinctly on one side and not the other, that's likely the north side.
comment How can I locate the leak in a inflatable pad, while hiking
A river/lake and my answer to the other question? :-)
comment How do I use these “guy line runners” to adjust the tension on my tent's lines?
Do you mean something like this?
comment Need Help Choosing A Surf Board
As mentioned, shopping questions are generally discouraged on the SE network. If you edit it into a more constructive question as Flimzy says, without making it a duplicate of the questions Rory linked, flag it to let us moderators know and we'll see about re-opening it.
comment How much garlic in the mountain kitchen?
@Greg.Ley you could see what the folks over at skeptics.SE say about it.
comment How much garlic in the mountain kitchen?
(I'm not a doctor, but) I don't think garlic alone would cause a nosebleed, it's more likely a combination of dry air and a predisposition to nosebleeds (maybe a vein near the surface).
comment Are Trangia and MSR fuel bottles inter changeable?
You'd be surprised how quickly .SE questions pop to the top of Google, especially the tough ones (since there's no good answer elsewhere).