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comment What respirator should I get for urbex?
@ShemSeger Depends on the rating, I guess. "DO NOT use N95 or R95 Filtering Facepieces, Escape Style Respirators, Quarter Mask Respirators, or Nuisance Dust Masks for protection against the inhalation of asbestos." If that is a P100 mask, I guess it can protect against asbestos. Not sure about the face seal that Mr.Wizard talks about, though. The only way to be sure would be to try the mask and see how it fits.
comment What respirator should I get for urbex?
Actually, this N95 mask doesn't protect against asbestos. And no, I'm not exploring buildings venting poisonous gases (at least I hope so!). Chernobyl would be nice, and you can actually do it: