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comment How far is a reasonable distance for someone to hike on their first trip?
+1 For test hike. Before all long hikes I ever did, I packed my FULL gear and went for a 1-day, 1-night hike. To make sure I feel fine with the combination of equipment I have, and also to see if I miss something or if I can't resign from something I have packed. As for weight, I once had a 30kg (60lb?) backpack, and had to cut a 2 week hike short to 5 days, and down to 12km(7.5 miles) a day instead of my planned 20km(12.5 miles). I was fit, but in retrospect I could have lost 6kg of weight in that backpack(2nd camera Lense, 2 books incase I got bored, inflatable pillow, ... you don't need it)