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What to write here? If want to know me write me an email ;-) or see of you can find me in one of the social networks.

comment “Tag line”/“pull cord” for multipitch trad: what kind and when needed?
Never heard of someone who uses a "pull cord". I always use two half ropes to do multi pitches where rappelling is necessary. Do you ask in the context of sport climbs or trad/alpine style routes? IMHO it's always nice to rappel more than 30m at once.
comment Avoiding tangles when leading on double ropes
@AlanL may be you should edit your answer to take credit on mine ;-)
comment Rock Climbing - Beginner's Guide for Quick Improvement?
For books just search Amazon.
comment How to rappel on an over-hanging cliff?
@WedaPashi Do we really need the tags overhang and overhaning-cliffs?
comment Climbing Mount Teide from sea-level
I recommend to do it in 3 days. Stay the first night in the hotel Parador at 2000m and explore the Canadas on the first day if you have energy left. On the second day hike to the Rifugio Altavista. Don't start too early, the hut opens late at 17:00. On the next morning get up early to see the sunrise. This will give you enough time to adjust to the hight.
comment What Rope to purchase?
@AM_Hawk You're third option has one benefit you didn't notice. The pattern of the rope seems to change in the middle. That's why it is higher priced but you'll never loose the middle mark.
comment Please Explain Rock Climbing Grades
@WedaPashi I think you could add a table that compares all different grade systems. This would be a good addition to the answer of Ben.
comment Rifugio (Mountain Hut) trek in Austria
Thanks for the report and you're right. The view from the hut is great. May be I'll visit this hut in the next years. Problem is that the Alps are so big and a lot of places to visit.
comment Transfer data from Suunto Ambit2 without Movelink
@Rory Alsop: May be you should explain as what type of device it gets registered at the PC. If it registers as a mass storage device it is possible to access the watch as any other USB storage device. Then explain which data and how the data must be exchanged to extract way points or tracks. The linked manual just describes the usage of the Movescount web service.